The World's Gone Quiet

All the thoughts in my head

Month: May, 2017

I’m trying

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI am trying to love my body

During every hour of the day

Instead of just between the early hours of the morning

When the soft light makes the world seem less harsh

And my mind is less cruel

I am trying to love my body

Even when my favorite pair of jeans holds me a little too tight

Tighter than I remember

I am trying to love my body

Even after flipping through a magazine filled with bone-thin models

And I look down at my own thighs that always seem to be touching

I am trying to love my body

Even when I’m dancing in the shower

And I’m all too aware of every part of me that jiggles with every step

It is very hard to love my body

But I am trying my best.


(Photo by Delia Johnson- @deliaclaire)




It’s so easy to hide behind your screen

Why is it that our fingers can type faster
Than our mind can think?

(Photo cred: Delia Johnson- @deliaclaire)