The World's Gone Quiet

All the thoughts in my head

Month: January, 2017

The distance between

Screenshot 2017-01-17 21.00.05.png

As I sip on my bitter, room-temperature black tea
The way you like to drink it
I’m hit by the sudden cloud of loneliness
That has become a nightly visitor of mine
It rolls over me as the sun cowers behind the mountains
When the sky shifts from red, to orange, to purple, to black
I’m struck by the realization that you are just now soaking in the sun’s morning rays
I imagine the light as it lazily makes its way into your bedroom
Illuminating your tousled hair that I love so much
And kissing your eyelids with soft warmth
It’s at this time of day
Where the distance between us creates a sizable hole in my chest
And it’s in this moment that I realize how truly far away I must be
If the sun’s touching you but it’s not touching me.

*Special thanks to my best friend who gave me the inspiration for this poem. Tu me manques, Casey.


Our hearts


If our bodies were birthed from this Earth

Then our mother gave you a leaf for a heart

Light and airy

Flowing with the breeze

But she blessed me with a stone in my chest

Hard and heavy

And easy to sink.