The World's Gone Quiet

All the thoughts in my head

Month: November, 2016

not like the movies


You told me you loved me
As you pushed my underwear to the side
And I wondered if you knew
That my heart was not located between my thighs.



Screenshot 2016-11-13 23.41.38.png

You were the cruelest heart I had ever seen

You were black and blue, like the world had beaten you too

But unlike me, you let it harden your soul

You crumpled into yourself

Imploding into a lifeless black hole

Sucking in and ripping apart anything that got too close

And then spitting out shreds of something that was once complete

And I, seeing hope in something that was hopeless

I dived in headfirst, without hesitation

A foolish sacrifice in an attempt to save you

If only I had known

The destruction you were capable of

Beneath the calm demeanor and smile

I should have known

To turn around before getting caught

In the gravitational pull of your empty stare

I wish I had known

You never wanted to be saved.



“I’m sorry I’m too soft”

The first time I said those words I knew it was a mistake

They should have apologized to me

For allowing me to believe that having feelings was wrong

Or that my emotions were insignificant

And above all,

For making me feel too small,

Too delicate

To be loved.