My muse

You, my love, are my only muse left
Nothing else seems to inspire these words to bleed from my fingers anymore
Except for you
When my body feels drained of creativity
As if I’ve been locked in a purely white room for days
The simple memory of your smile
Or your color-changing eyes
Seem to cause my fingers to twitch in anticipation
And I have an undeniable need to sketch out your body with words
Because sometimes when I make feeble attempts to describe your kiss, your touch, your scent
I can almost feel your presence
My muse, all I ask of you
Is that you continue to rekindle the fire within me
Whenever you see me growing dim
Because without you, I will fade into the abyss of normality
Muse, I beg you
Help me to remember who I am
When I can’t control the storm in my head
And when I reach for the pills beside my bed
Please place a pen in my hand instead
Make me write until the clutter in my mind settles,
My tears run dry,
And I can breathe again.