The World's Gone Quiet

All the thoughts in my head

Month: September, 2016

Mother Earth

Screenshot 2016-05-29 12.31.39

I am a child of this Earth

But I do not feel worthy

What if my foot prints became scars upon the skin of my Mother?

I meant to tread lightly

And to treat my home with love and respect

This home that I do not deserve,

Yet She still so graciously gave to me

And even though I was born from this soil

I fear that when my time comes to lay back down on this Earth to rest

My Mother won’t accept me again.






lost in a breath

a fleeting moment

a missed opportunity fading

with every retreating footstep.


Anxiety pt. 3



In a silent bliss

I’m no longer drowning beneath the current

My body is floating without restraints

My mind at peace

Finally, the world has gone quiet.



Anxiety pt. 2

Wait until the screen goes blank

And you no longer see his face

Then you can tear off your mask,

Take a swig from the bottle on your desk,

Cry in the shower,

Curl up in a ball,

Rip at your hair,

Practice saying “I’m good”

Until your voice doesn’t choke on the lie anymore

And put your face back on

Because he’s calling again in an hour

So you have to make sure there isn’t a trace

Of the inner turmoil that you face.


Anxiety pt. 1

Every night is a constant battle to find the perfect balance

Between drinking enough to numb the brain

And losing myself completely

But either way

It’s better than waking up in a cold sweat,


And only having me to reassure myself that everything will be alright.