The World's Gone Quiet

All the thoughts in my head

Month: August, 2016

Writer’s block

If only I had the vocabulary to explain the way I feel around you

Because the words that come to mind don’t give it justice

All I can think of are tired sayings that have lost meaning,

Because they were wasted on guys who didn’t want me

But being with you is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced

And to say that you give me butterflies in my stomach would be an understatement

It’s more like an atomic bomb in my chest

But that doesn’t sound poetic enough

So I lack the ability to express how I feel

I would’ve never imagined you would have this effect on me

Who would’ve thought you would be the one to leave the writer at a lose for words.






I can’t help but be selfish with you

Because I’ve waited so long for you to come back

But now that you’re finally here, all you want is to be somewhere else

And I know that this isn’t about me

But I can’t cover up the insecure girl inside

Who has the constant fear of being inadequate

So there’s a little part of me that feels like I am not enough to make you want to stay home

Like I, alone, am not enough to satisfy your wandering soul.



You gave me a perfect white rose

That had somehow managed to remain untainted by the world around it

And the pure innocence of it nearly brought me to tears

I was afraid to grasp it too tightly and damage its beauty

But you gently placed it in my hands,

Trusting me

And I was overcome with the desire to give you something too

So out of my pocket I pulled out a crushed daisy

That could not compare in elegance

Embarrassed and ashamed, I placed the only thing I had left to give in your hand

I waited for the disappointment to set in your eyes

But you held my flower just as delicately as I held your rose

With a faint smile on your face you examined the wilting petals

And gently flattened the creases

When I saw the admiration and love in your eyes I realized

That with you my daisy could come alive again.