Road block

by racheleroh

You were the road block that I never saw coming

And I, being reckless and driving too fast

Driving for the thrill, driving without direction, driving to find something but not knowing what I’m looking for

I crashed straight into you

It was not a miracle, I did not see an inviting white light ahead of the tunnel

You did not put me back together

I was left in pieces, shreds of dreams and hopes and naivety

You took one look at me and saw past the walls in my state of vulnerability

And what I saw in your eyes was not the love I had for so long dreamt about at night when I was alone and scared

It was pity that awaited in the depths within your pupils

You saw me and decided to save yourself first,

Even though I was the one who was crying out

You were the road block I never saw coming

And I have been afraid to drive ever since.