The World's Gone Quiet

All the thoughts in my head

Month: May, 2016


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An empty bottle in one hand

And a match in the other

A temporary fix

To a permanent problem.






You said you weren’t like the other guys

But you left me when I needed you the most

And the irony

Is not lost

On me.



Road block

You were the road block that I never saw coming

And I, being reckless and driving too fast

Driving for the thrill, driving without direction, driving to find something but not knowing what I’m looking for

I crashed straight into you

It was not a miracle, I did not see an inviting white light ahead of the tunnel

You did not put me back together

I was left in pieces, shreds of dreams and hopes and naivety

You took one look at me and saw past the walls in my state of vulnerability

And what I saw in your eyes was not the love I had for so long dreamt about at night when I was alone and scared

It was pity that awaited in the depths within your pupils

You saw me and decided to save yourself first,

Even though I was the one who was crying out

You were the road block I never saw coming

And I have been afraid to drive ever since.


The truth

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We’ve been force-fed thoughts since we were born

We were never given the chance to be an individual

They shoved their ideals down our throats

And we choked on the pressure and the questions that we weren’t allowed to ask

And now that we’re older, we are lost and don’t know what to believe

We are desperately searching for the answers

And it’s unsettling not knowing the truth

But it’s beautiful thing, being given the ability to find it out on our own.



He plants loveless kisses atop of cold skin

Their arms, legs, hands are tangled and awkward

They’re not molding together like lovers should

But he pushes his thoughts aside

And ignores the twisted pain in his gut

Instead, he pours himself into another girl

Hoping that this time it’ll feel right

Or at least better than the last

But it leaves him feeling the same way every time-



The way it has to be

I guess this is the way it has to be

You, pretending that I don’t exist

And I, acting like it doesn’t hurt

And both of us avoiding each other’s eyes

Not out of regret or shame,

But avoiding contact out of the pain of wanting something so bad

And being unable to make it last.