The World's Gone Quiet

All the thoughts in my head

Month: April, 2016

We are

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We are the ones who live with open hearts

We are the ones who get torn apart.



Then and now

I will always love the man you used to be

But I cannot love the man standing in front of me.


In the concrete jungle

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Anything is possible in the concrete jungle

You are a blank slate, a random face

And there’s a sense of comfort in being part of the crowd

All of us aiming for one goal that no one can even see

Or understand why we are reaching for it

But it’s a massacre

And it’s such a thrill being a part of the free-for-all

You are on your own but never alone

Someone is always one step behind, waiting for you to fall

And only the strong survive

There’s no time for mercy when everyone is out for blood

So give in to your instincts or die

We are all animals here

In the concrete jungle.


How do you know


How do you know when it’s over?

They stop whispering “I love you” in your ear at night

Their eyes no longer sparkle at the sight of you

They don’t sigh when they pull you close to their chest

They begin to pay more attention to the tv than to you

They start lying

They start calling you “bitch” as a joke,

Even though they know how much it bothers you

They stop cuddling with you at night

They stop accepting your flaws and begin to point them out instead

You begin to leave their house feeling emptier, rather than loved

And they start to become someone you no longer recognize

How do you let them go?

I wish I knew.