The World's Gone Quiet

All the thoughts in my head

Month: February, 2016

Do Not Think

Do not think about the new girl touching his skin

Does it make him smile?

Don’t think about how they kiss

Does it make his heart burn with desire?

Do not think about the way he looks into her eyes

Does it make his cheeks flush?

Don’t think about the way he holds her

Does he gently rub her back until she falls asleep?

Do not think about how easily he let her in

Does he tell her all of his secrets?

Don’t think about the way he laughs at her jokes

Does she make him happy?

Do not think about how he tells her he loves her

He used to love me.




Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.49.13 PM

She found him withering into something that was less than a man
And she put everything she had into making him whole again
She cupped his life in her little hands
And fed him unconditional love to heal him
His roots began to hug her warm skin
And slowly dug their way in
She knew it was dangerous
Because while she was his savior and his light,
He was a weed
Slowly draining the life out of her
And when she finally realized it, it was too late
His infectious roots had reached her core
And wrapped themselves firmly around her already fragile heart
“My love will be the end of me,” she cried
But she never let him see
Just how much his poison was making her weak
She held him tighter as her heartbeat slowed
And even until her final breath, she refused to let him go.

Two Kids

Two kids who are mutually lonely

Using each other to feel something,

Anything at all.