The World's Gone Quiet

All the thoughts in my head

Month: August, 2015


Paint me the colors of the sunset on the horizon

The one that highlighted our silhouettes as we held each other

Paint me the colors of the creek

The one that we splashed and laughed in over summer

Paint me the color of the fire

The one that we sat by at night and watched until it died

Paint me any color that will hide how I feel inside

Because darling, I’m tired of being blue.



What Makes Me, Me

IMG_1268I wanted to write about a few memories and people that have influenced me and caused me to be who I am today. Most of these will be happy memories, but of course we are all influenced by the bad memories too. Believe it or not, good or bad, I wouldn’t change anything.

  1. My trip to NY- Two summers ago I went on a trip to New York by myself, it was truly incredible. I went to a two week acting camp that was held by The National Student Leadership Conference. I met some amazingly talented individuals and had opportunities to meet big people in show business that most aspiring actors could only dream of meeting. I love acting but I’ve never considered it as a career. However, the camp had a major impact on me because everyone was so encouraging. Working with those people helped me to open up and realize my true potential. Yes, I still have moments of insecurity but I know what I’m capable of now. That trip remains to be one of my favorite memories to this day.
  2. My senior year- I know that this is a wide span of time but it was my most memorable year in high school. I had some rough patches but I don’t look back and think about the hard times, I just think about the wonderful memories that I made with my friends. I caught a bit of senioritis that year, I pulled through though. I was determined to have the time of my life my senior year and I did. I strived to maintain a positive mindset and try new things. I would definitely relive memories from that year if I could.
  3. My worst relationship- I won’t go into great detail about it because that would take far too long and because it’s in the past. It doesn’t affect me anymore but it has molded me into who I am today. It was an on-and-off relationship (which is not healthy at all, so if you’re in one do yourself a favor and GET OUT) and I knew it wasn’t a good idea, but I continued to put myself through it. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to give up on people, which can bite me in the ass sometimes. I went back to this guy my senior year of high school and let myself trust him again. Needless to say, he let me down. Some pretty bad stuff happened and of course the whole school found out. A lot of people started talking behind my back and one of my close friends even stopped talking to me completely. It was a terrible time in my life. I hated myself, I hated him, and I hated that I put myself into the situation. It took some time, but the pain eventually subsided to a dull ache. However, it took a lot more time, effort, and help from people who love me to eventually accept what happened and forgive myself. That experience may have been horrible but it changed me for the better. I can turn away from people or situations that are unhealthy for me now. I’ve gained thicker skin and I’ve learned to let go.
  4. My dad- My dad has had a huge impact on me. I’ve always looked up to him because of his selflessness, the way he cares about people unconditionally, and his dedication. He’s a wonderful father who has supported me through everything. When I wanted to go to New York by myself my mom was very hesitant but my dad knew how important it was to be on my own for once. He’s the one that convinced my mom to let me go. He’s also the most intelligent person I’ve ever met. He is book-smart, people-smart, and life-smart. I can hold the deepest conversations with him and he can entertain any point of view, which I think is a really important quality. I admire him more than he knows and everyday I aim to be like him. He’s just really awesome.

So, that’s just a few things that have shaped me into who I am right now. I felt the need to write about this because I started to think about all of the events and people who have truly left a mark on me. I know I’ve left a few things out but this post would have been super long if I had taken the time to write any more. If you read all of this then I want to give you a big hug and say thank you! Like I said in my first post, I will be writing and posting about a lot of stuff. This was just what I was thinking about today.

Love always,


Don’t Tell Her You Love Her

Don’t tell her you love her if you don’t mean it

Because she’ll give her entire heart to you

And if you walk away with it in your pocket

She’ll spend the rest of her life trying to fill the empty spot in her chest.


Hello world!

I’ve tried blogging multiple times and it has never quite worked out. I’m hoping to stick with it this time. I want my blog to be a place where I can share my poems, short stories, personal stories, ideas, fears, pictures, and thoughts on life. I’m an aspiring journalist/writer so I want to have this experience under my belt. If you know me, then you know how random I can be or my sense of humor. If you don’t know me, then you will. My blog will be a reflection of me and my personality, and I hope you like it.

Love always,