The World's Gone Quiet

All the thoughts in my head

White House, Red House

Hands wrapped tightly around the glock

One slight twitch of the finger could send this world into shock

Everyone is silent, holding their breath

Fearing the moment they meet their death

Why are our lives placed in their hands?

In the leaders who refuse to understand

Power-hungry and bloodthirsty

I hope our Maker shows more mercy

Maybe our afterlife will be better than this

I hope that in darkness we find true bliss.





The ocean tides must have taught you how to love

I see it in the way you pull me in

Just to push me back out

And I’m not a strong enough swimmer

I fear it’s inevitable that I will drown.



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You are the sun in the universe

Shining bright and confident

Unafraid of the power that you hold

But once he came into your orbit

I noticed a moment of weakness, just a flicker

I knew he would break you down

Each day I watched you become dimmer

Selfish boy, draining the life out of you

And when he finally left

You were nothing but a shadow, a memory

He stole the constellations from your eyes

And ran away happily

My star, my love

Although you smile I still see your pain

You were, and still are, the image of perfection

A ray of hope and tranquility on this earth

And just because he could not appreciate you for everything that you are

Does not make you any less so.


Who I am

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I am learning not to define myself by those who turned me away

Nor by those who chose to stay

Because my self-worth is not predetermined

By those who deemed me as nothing but a burden

Rather I can only define who I am at the end of the day

And by those I surround myself with, like flowers in a bouquet.


Because of you

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I once used writing as an outlet for my pain

Of feeling rejected, unworthy, lost

An outcast searching for a home

Bleeding onto a page somehow brought me a sense of relief

Letting it out eased the pressure building in my chest

My pen and paper were familiar friends

A temporary therapy

But then I met you

And you held me close to your heart

You accepted, loved and cherished every bit of who I am

For the first time, I felt safe

I melted into you and found a place to call my own

You, my love, have drained me of all the bad memories that were holding me hostage

So thank you

Because of you, I no longer have any pain

And yes, writing no longer comes easily to me

But it was an easy sacrifice to make

It had been long enough

I was ready to let go of my muse.



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They ask you to change

To tear yourself apart for them

And out of fear of losing them, you obey

So you rip and shred your being

Until you become someone you no longer recognize

And you can’t even make eye contact with your own reflection

But you don’t care

Because it has gotten to the point where your own self-worth depends on their approval

Deep down you know that you’re lost

And you’re convinced that you can only find yourself in the love they promised


But after taking one look at you

They decide they don’t want you anymore anyways.





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We are washed up love letters on the shore

Bleached and aged from the sun

Memories sealed tight and forgotten

Until strangers come upon our treasure

And become engrossed in our story

Overcome by emotion for a fleeting moment

Possibly being reminded of their own failed loves

But just as quickly as it came, the feeling is gone

And our stories are sealed back up in their cages

Until the next stranger comes along.


She will love herself

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I will teach my daughter to love her body

To embrace each and every inch of it

I will not teach her to cover her skin

She will never be ashamed of her curves

Because a woman’s body is strong, yet delicate

It can move mountains

And nurture another soul

She will never hang her head when their eyes follow her

And as names float off of their tongues as easily as their breaths

She will remember that they all came from bodies like hers

And without women like her,

Their existence would not stand a chance

I will teach my daughter to love her body

Because I now understand the importance of loving your own skin

Before letting anyone else in.


(Photo by Delia Johnson- @deliaclaire)

I’m trying

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI am trying to love my body

During every hour of the day

Instead of just between the early hours of the morning

When the soft light makes the world seem less harsh

And my mind is less cruel

I am trying to love my body

Even when my favorite pair of jeans holds me a little too tight

Tighter than I remember

I am trying to love my body

Even after flipping through a magazine filled with bone-thin models

And I look down at my own thighs that always seem to be touching

I am trying to love my body

Even when I’m dancing in the shower

And I’m all too aware of every part of me that jiggles with every step

It is very hard to love my body

But I am trying my best.


(Photo by Delia Johnson- @deliaclaire)



It’s so easy to hide behind your screen

Why is it that our fingers can type faster
Than our mind can think?

(Photo cred: Delia Johnson- @deliaclaire)